We Commite, What We Can Do,

Commit; ourselves to the highest standard of quality and contracts to the clients satisfaction with in budget, and to an agreed conduct our business with integrity, complete program, provide professional and technical training to develop the individual skills of our employers whilst promoting a policy of synergy and team work.

Research and implement new technology to continually improve the services we provide. Respect the natural environment and upload the culture and beliefs of the communities in which we work.

Our mission is to maintain our reputation for quality indentify with our clients requirements .Provide a safe and program working environment to our employees and achieve consistent return for our shareholders. We are determined to build on past success. Which is continuing to focus our support a feeling the growth and development of Oman? The more we achieve the greater responsibility, we must shoulder.

We appreciate the dedication and professionalism of our employees are fundamental to our success. Accordingly, we actually encourage personal initiate and faster creativity with in our organization, at all levels .and by doing so, insured services, excellently that will inspire clients confidence from the onset.

We were a modest enterprise with a big dealing. We set our sight high, worked relentlessly to achieve excellence in all our pursuits and never looked back. That same spirit of determination and commitment dominate our agenda today.

Al-Aetimad Trading & Contracting Est. develops alliances with its customers to ensure their complete satisfaction with the entire design and construction experience. This not only means that Al-Aetimad Trading & Contracting Est. will deliver a high quality building, on time and on budget, but that customers will have complete confidence and peace of mind throughout the process of working with Al-Aetimad Trading & Contracting Est., that all risks have been managed and all reasonable contingencies planned for…

Al-Aetimad Trading & Contracting Est. values integrity; our practices are honest, our conduct is legal and ethical. Although we are motivated by a fair return on our investment, we are always striving for win-win partnerships with customers who share our desire to design and build memorial structures that add value to the communities in which they are built and assist cemetery owners in keeping the promise of perpetuity that they have made to their lot holders.

Al-Aetimad Trading & Contracting Est. the leading company in the Oman For Construction industry was established in the Oman in 1975 since then, Al-Aetimad Trad & Cont Est. has undertaken a substantial program of Construction including but not limited to High Rise Development Hotels Interior, Residential Complexes, Office Blocks, Banks, Commercial buildings, Luxury Villas, etc.

Al-Aetimad Trad & Cont Est. Company is committed to excellence in all that we do. We belive that on-time delivery of the highest quality project For the best value is only part of the equation The Experience of the construction process is just as important as the result We creat positive, memorable experience and lasting relationship because Our actions are guided by our core values innovative construction methods and problem-solving approaches to respond uniquely and specifically to each customer’s needs.

We are a forward-thinking company with a solid background of proven Performance and experience. We turn bricks and mortar into visions Realized As the Excellent grade Construction Company in the Oman, Al-Aetimad Trad & Cont Est. is committed to providing high quality work, on time and within budget. The Company boasts a large National workforce and array of the latest plant equipment and a highly qualified and professional team.