OMAN,s is a 1,000 mile-long (1,700 km) coastal plain at the southeast tip of the Arabian peninsula lying on tne Arabian sea and the gulf of Oman.It is bordered by the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia,and Yemen.The country is the size of kansas.


  • Sultan: Qabus ibn said (1970)
  • Total area: 82,031 sq mi (212,460 sq km)’
  • Population (2010 est.): 2,96717 (growth rate 1.9%); birth rate: 23.9/1000; infant mortity rate: 16.8/1000; life expectancy:74.1 density per sq mi :15
  • Capital (2003 est.): muscat,797,000 (metro. area),54,800 (city proper)
  • Monetary Unit: Omani rial

Al-Aetimad Trading & Contracting Est. was established in 1975 (ATCE), which was the foundation of today’s group.

Today Al-Aetimad Trading & Contracting Est. (ATCE) is the leading construction company in Oman. It has completed many modern iconic landmarks.

ATCE has grown with the Omman and while best known for construction.It is one of the Oman’s most respected and successful business corporation.

Now ATCE is run under the guidance of Managing Director Sh.Salem Bin Abdullah Rawas.

Al-Aetimad Trading & Contracting Est. the leading company in the Oman For Construction industry was established in the Oman in 1975 since then, Al-Aetimad Trad & Cont Est. has undertaken a substantial program of Construction including but not limited to High Rise Development Hotels Interior, Residential Complexes, Office Blocks, Banks, Commercial buildings, Luxury Villas, etc.

Al-Aetimad Trad & Cont Est. Company is committed to excellence in all that we do. We belive that on-time delivery of the highest quality project For the best value is only part of the equation The Experience of the construction process is just as important as the result We creat positive, memorable experience and lasting relationship because Our actions are guided by our core values innovative construction methods and problem-solving approaches to respond uniquely and specifically to each customer’s needs.

We are a forward-thinking company with a solid background of proven Performance and experience. We turn bricks and mortar into visions Realized As the Excellent grade Construction Company in the Oman, Al-Aetimad Trad & Cont Est. is committed to providing high quality work, on time and within budget. The Company boasts a large National workforce and array of the latest plant equipment and a highly qualified and professional team.